(unlimited travel on the specified route)

  Fare level 1 Fare level 2 Region Lübeck
Fare level 3
Adults 5,20 EUR 7,80 EUR 9,60 EUR
  • Worthwhile if more than 2 trips a day are taken
  • Available for all destinations in Schleswig-Holstein and Greater Hamburg area (Ring A+B)
  • Valid for one person. Children aged 6 and over are regarded as adults
  • The ticket is transferable
  • Entitles the holder to unlimited travel on day of issue until 3 a.m. of the following day within the area covered by the ticket. Also on late-night bus services including the last bus of this service
  • Available at local sales points, on the bus as well as ticket vending machines of Deutsche Bahn (DB Regio-SH)