Which ticket is the right one when I arrive at the airport Luebeck Blankensee? For a trip from the airport Luebeck Blankensee to the city you should buy a ticket at price level 3.

You can choose between a single-, multi- or daily ticket (have a look to the right ticket for everyone). A single ticket is a one way ticket. A multi ticket must be fold and then stamp in the automat in the bus. A daily travel card is for as many journeys as required, valid same day until the end of service times.

Bus no. 6 takes you to the city center and the central bus station (ZOB, for the trip the bus requires round about 20 minutes), where you can take a train to Hamburg, Kiel etc. Bus no. 6 takes you from the city center (for example bus station Sandstraße or central bus station ZOB) back to the airport. The actuel timetable you can find under "Personalized timetable).

When possible please give the driver the exact fare.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Luebeck.